The Adventure Bus

A Need to Tow

The Adventure Bus is AWESOME! We bought it in the fall of 2017 to turn it into the ultimate RV/Tow rig. Over the course of the winter we remodeled the interior and got it tow ready. Then, in the spring of the next year we began using it! This beast has allowed us to go on so many amazing trips and meet so many amazing people.


  • 6.0L Turbo Diesel
  • 5 Speed Automatic
  • RWD

The Build List

  • RV Conversion
  • Furnished Kitchen
  • Attached Bunk Bed
  • LED Lights
  • Power System
  • Metallic Gray Plasti-Dip
  • …That’s it?

Build Progress

Stage 1 is finished! 35%

Check out the Adventure Bus on YouTube