Molly the Miata

Gingium’s original Miata. This model is a 1990 Miata with a full Flyin’ Miata turbo kit, Advanti Storm S1 wheels and a big brake kit. This car is designed to perform well on the streets as well as the track.

Reagan the Miata

Gingium’s rally Miata. This model is a 1993 Miata with a supercharged engine and a Paco Motorsports lift kit. This car is designed to perform well off road in various terrains.


The first rotary vehicle on the channel! The FC was bought as the new project drift car. The car will remain modest so that skill is still required to learn to drift rather than having the car do all the work.

Adventure Bus

Besides being the newest member of the garage, the Adventure bus is also the most useful. It at one time seated thirty children on their way to school, but now it seats Caleb and his friends on roadtrips across the nation.