Reagan the Rally Miata

Where Reagan Began

The idea for the lifted Miata began a little over a year ago. My friends and I were on a road trip when one of them drove their Miata into a ditch. We spent the next few hours trying to get his very low Miata out without calling a tow truck, eventually we manage to literally lift the car out. After that I had the idea, “what if I made a Miata that could get itself out of a ditch?” The Rally Miata was born. A few months later I bought a completely stock 93 Miata.

What Reagan Means

Before I purchased the Rally Miata, the YouTube channel was a strictly gaming channel. After doing gaming videos everyday for two years straight I was beginning to get bored. The first few videos I made on the Rally Miata were the most successful videos I had ever made at the time. This success encouraged me to change the channel into a “real life” automotive channel: the best decision I’ve ever made. The Rally Miata has allowed me to do so many creative things, its connected me with other awesome people and YouTubers, and it has brought thousands of viewers to the channel. To this date it is my most successful and enjoyable build. Its not exactly a NICE car, it still has a lot of flaws, but its given me so many awesome opportunities.

The Build List

  • Custom Stance Coilove Lift Kit
  • Maxxis BigHorn Tires – 27x9r14
  • Red Mist Automotive Roll Bar
  • Hardtop
  • Custom Roof Rack
  • Custom LED Lighting
  • Jackson Racing Supercharger Kit
  • Top Mount Intercooler
  • Ebay Exhaust & Headers
  • Track Dog Racing Seats
  • Sikky Handbrake
  • 5 Point Harnesses
  • Custom Bash Bars & Undertray

Build Progress

Phase 1 is done. Working on AWD. 70%

Check out Reagan on YouTube